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Maeda Keiji (Toshimasu)
Sengoku BASARA
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tmi meme template

Full name:
Other bodily markings:
Other daily habits:
Other notable physical details:
Canon powers:
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NOTE about Keiji's icons

The majority of the black and white icons, especially the later ones, were from doujinshi/official comics/manga bought by oyakatasama and scanned by me. While I didn't label all of them, please ask or credit me if you're taking them! (Though I don't know why you would want to.) If I did not credit someone in the comments, then they were made by me.

I use a lot of fanart/doujin icons because the anime for Sengoku Basara has a couple of episodes where the art is absolutely TERRIBLE and he's not really in other episodes. I also suck at making icons so I tend to try to use others, and people don't really make a lot of icons for him.

Sengoku Basara's franchise is odd but nice in that quite a few doujinshi artists also do work officially. While I did label some of the b/w icons as being from doujinshi, some of the ones labeled as being from the same artist were also for official anthologies (Regulus, Kiz/Nari). Or in MicroMacro's case, they later went on to do the TV Basara manga, and a couple of the icons are from that. If you wanna know what the icon source is, just ask me and I can tell you. \o/


Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes Script

******************** MAEDA KEIJI ********************
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Sengoku Basara 3 Random Videos

Because I have about a million things in my Youtube account and most of them are unlisted for my own reference later (and to spare people my horrible gameplay).

I was going to play Keiji's story and record it all, but I haven't... done it yet...

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Sengoku Basara 3 Cutscene Translations

Note; this is not the full script for Keiji's path, but only the cutscenes. The cutscenes are the CG movies in the stages, and so they don't include the conversations that go in the actual battle or before and after each battle. So. The translator was so very kind as to give me permission to post part of his translations and this is infinitely more useful for me than to look through the videos for a particular conversation.

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Volume 3 scene with Kasuga

After Kenshin was injured in battle... the first couple of pages of this chapter have been translated for me before, I need to find it. Translation from Laguna and Evy.

Large images under the cut, I was bored and had time, so I shoddily typeset them.

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SB2 volume 4 scene

Wiiith Keiji and Matsu and Toshiie.

CONTEXT: in volume 3, Keiji fell off of a bridge while speaking to Hideyoshi.

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If you're curious about Amat, what the gameplay is like, how fast it is, and what we're looking for in apps, then this is the post for you.

If you're not, then I guess you can still read anyway.

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CFUD stats/permission


Age: 22 apparently!

Height: TALL. Fanart puts him at about 195 cm?

Weight: About 200 lbs, he's muscular.

Medical Info: Keiji has nothin'! A few scars here and there from getting into tussles with people.

Eyes: Brown. His eyebrows are forked (unfortunately /o\)

Hair: Also brown! and... really fucking long. Probably longest in the series? He wears women's hair sticks (kanzashi) and feathers in his ponytail. It has a slight wave/curl to it (despite the anime making his hair straight, it's wavy in every other medium of the series), and when it's wet/down it reaches near his knees.

Physical traits: Full body image from the anime here, and from the game here. There's a slight difference in the outfit, as the game is more detailed. He's tall and very muscular and looks very eccentric. The biggest difference between game and anime is that his sword is literally twice as small in the anime.
THERE IS A MONKEY WITH HIM, like. at all times. Yumekichi is adorable and tiny and hides in Keiji's clothes.
Assume that Yumekichi is WITH KEIJI at nearly all times, either on his shoulder or in his hair or in his clothes, or just within arm's reach. When he's on Keiji's person, he's usually mimicking Keiji-- if Keiji has his arms crossed with a frown, Yumekichi has his arms crossed with a frown. If Keiji is staring at someone and asking if they're really a spy, Yumekichi is chimes up in agreement while staring at that person too. Stuff like that. Yumekichi likes to hang out and just chill, too.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything, actually! Since he's based on someone in history, if he finds out that he's "from the past", he won't think twice of people knowing about him. I mean, after all. He's from the past. He'd do the same thing if he met someone from the Heian era.

Abilities: He's a relatively completely normal human. He's just really good at fighting, when he has to fight. He likes the occasionally quick fight as a 'prank', but he hates serious war and battles. Fights are different than war, in that fights are between two consensual parties (or more) whereas war drags thousands of people in against their will.

His attacks are wind based and often there are flower petals in them. He's rather flexible and very strong, considering the size of that sword /o\. Surprisingly, Keiji is fast.

Notes for the Psychics: He thinks about his family a lot and his past with Hideyoshi and Nene (see the top link on this entry). He also writes a travel journal, so he's constantly filing away little tidbits to write down later.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yeeeeep. Keiji is made for abuse.

Maim/Murder/Death: Ask me? He'd bounce back, but he'd also get really serious if a fight was heading that way. He doesn't like fighting women and refuses to kil people, but is okay with giving them a beat down.

Cooking: I'm sure he knows how to keep himself alive while travelling, but it's nothing compared to ~Matsu's~ home cooking. His aunt-in-law Matsu, not me.

Sengoku Basara 2 Gaiden/Story Translation

This is Keiji's gaiden/story from Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes! A nice bit of background. Again, copying that I've gotten from Gamefaqs, with my own comments in italics. I just need a place I can easily look up this info. |D

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Sengoku Basara 2 Scripts

This is just the story for Sengoku Basara 2 on the PS2. I look it up a lot, and I figured that it would be easier to just put it up on place where I can find the stuff related to Keiji, without having to search through the entire file. :D Script is from Gamefaqs, and my comments are are in italics. This is a huge post, but it is all text.
Keiji's Story - Keiji Enters the Stage!Collapse )

Toshiie's Story- Keiji has run away from home!Collapse )

Motonari Mori's story - 2nd Chapter against the MaedaCollapse )

Nouhime's Story - Chapter 4Collapse )

Yukimura's Story - Chapter I don't even knowCollapse )

Sasuke's Story, Chapter 3Collapse )

Shimazu Yoshihiro's Story - Chapter 3Collapse )

Hanbei's Story - Chapter 4Collapse )

Akechi Mitsuhide's Story - Chapter 4Collapse )

Date Masamune's Story - Chapter 3Collapse )

Kasuga's Story - Chapter 4Collapse )