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[Amat] TMI Meme

Full name: Maeda Keiji (Toshimasu)
Age: ~24ish, including or not including his time in Amat.
Birthdate: Historically unknown (even the year is unknoown haha), but headcanoned it at February 1st? Celebrates it at the lunar new year when he bothers to celebrate it at all.
Sign: Aquarius.
Height: 195 cm?
Weight: heavy. about 200 pounds?
Scars: nothing significant, little faded marks here and there from fights and rough traveling
Piercings: none yet
Tattoos: none yet
Other bodily markings: nothing significant? his hair and clothes are more noticeable
Build: very muscular. T_Ta not as big as Hideyoshi or Shingen but he's up there with the big guys.
Residence: lives in the second district in a very nice house that was expanded on. current residents are Keiji, Motochika, Sasuke, Yukimura, Ieyasu, Shingen, Oichi, Toshiie and Matsu. Oh and seven cats, one monkey, one bird...
Occupation: works at the Mao he Xue.
Drinking? he drinks socially, but is a bit of lightweight... compared to Kenshin (everyone is a lightweight compared to Kenshin).
Smoking? he does smoke, mainly to relieve stress, maybe once or twice a day if that (he'll skip a day or two, as well). he never smokes inside and prefers pipes to cigarettes.
Other daily habits: keeps a diary >:E he also likes to take naps and can sleep pretty much anywhere. does fucking count as a daily habit?
he sleeps in until nine or ten am, depending on when he went to bed and how he feels, and spends his morning getting ready for the day - he doesn't actually shampoo his hair every day because he has so much of it. but he does like to smell clean and like flowers, so he showers every morning (and takes quicker ones at work yes). sometimes he'll stay at work until 2 am or sleep over there if he decides not to work the next day but his schedule varies depending on what he feels like.
On a more personal side; he does make it a habit to speak Japanese at home. started as something for Yukimura's sake and then he just got used to it. In that vein, he tries to see Yukimura once a day, even if it's just at breakfast or checking in on him at night if he doesn't get home too late, just to let Yukimura know he's not alone, since it was just the two of them for so long.
Recently he's been coming home relatively early (around 11 or midnight) and fools around with Motochika for a bit so he's nice and relaxed for sleep.
Hair: his hair is a dark/medium brown and it is GORGEOUS. long and wavy and he takes very good care of it. aside from the feathers and the plain, red kanzashi he sometimes sticks other, girlier, things into it if he thinks they look good or it's a special occasion.
Clothes: he doesn't actually wear the full kabukimono outfit anymore with it's 5/6 layers (it's way too hot for that) but he does either wear the hakama/top or modern clothes (he likes tanks and jeans) depending on what clean clothes he has. he likes clothes shopping but his taste is eccentric.
Scent: cherry blossoms, red musk, amber, cherry, maple and a bit of sweat. also monkey. I imagine him smelling a little like Kabuki from BPAL, though slightly more masculine.
Other notable physical details: he's very eccentric looking, though less so if he's not wearing the full outfit. his arms are thick?? and usually not covered so one can see all his muscles. :>
Canon powers: his element is wind, which draws people to his attack, but other than that... flowers appear?
Spoken language(s): Japanese

Cup size/Penis size: >8 inches (just by a bit though) and wide
Orientation: he likes his woman.
Best sexual experience: Probably the time(s) with Litchi while they were 'married' for the emotional undertones.
Worst sexual experience: most of the times with Yukimura.
Collar partner(s): he doesn't have one due to his job? he has a Thing with Motochika right now where they sleep in the same bed out of necessity and touch each other (in Keiji's part largely because it started while he was emotionally vulnerable and confused and continued because they're friends and it's just convenient)
How often do they loosen their collar? every day, multiple times a day. if he isn't working he'll go a day or two without it, but he's never gone longer than a week.
Preferred method of loosening: he likes penetrating but also likes to do anything where he can just watch his partner orgasm, even if he doesn't finish himself. seeing other people happy makes him happy.
Top or bottom? he prefers topping. bottoming actually freaks him out if he doesn't trust his partner.
Favorite position? anything?? something where the woman/Motochika is in control and on top of him T_Tv
Underwear: he... wears thongs. they are most like fundoshi but without the hassle.
Number one fantasy: Magoichi Litchi both at the same time right now he's confused. :(
Sensitive areas: his stomach, inside of his thighs (not just the upper part but near his knees, too), nape of his neck, side of his chest just under his armpits. T_Ta
No-no places/triggers: he's not quite sure how he feels about bottoming and is only comfortable doing it with Motochika. also he doesn't actually like really violent stuff.
Favorite place to have sex: on a bed. up against a wall, any wall.
Something they want to try but haven't before: I can't think of anything :|a
Favorite kinks/sex acts: he's only had one threesome but he liked it. really likes being in control BUT also enjoys having his partner take control from him as long as he trusts them. hasn't given enough oral to decide either way but wants to tryyy.
Sleep naked or in pajamas? he sleeps in his underwear and a yukata. or sometimes just the undies if it's too hot. he doesn't sleep naked.
Special talents: he has none, just enthusiasm.
Masturbation: he doesn't really have to do it anymore but he does sometimes in the morning if he wakes up and he's in the mood, or he's bored and lazing about.
Toys y/n? none but he's curious about them.
Turn-ons: cleavage, bare stomachs, tight pants, revealing skirts/shorts (bare legs), people being hot and sweaty. :( he also has a thing for intimidating women.
What was their first time like? it was at home as he was planning to leave for the first time. snuck out at night, banged one of his neighbors, a girl he had a 'thing' with. it was awkward as first times are but he has fond memories of it. he also left like three days later. :(
After-sex habits: he likes to cuddle and touch and generally laze about. he sleeps if he's at work if he thinks he has time because people generally leave right after.
Anything else? he's actually really flaily when it comes to people he really really likes but he's more in control when he's got a handle on his emotions.
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